Start writing a blog

I would like to welcome you on my blog with this post. At first I would like to clarify the reason, why I started write the blog on The first reason was, that I have to do it in some subjects in the school. But I have to say, that I was thinking about the foundation of the blog before the arrival in Finland. How can you read in ,,About me” I’m the czech student, who is participating the ERASMUS program in Finland. I was thinking about the blog as about the way, how I can show my family, my friends, the living and studying in Finland. And after working with wordpress in the school and at home I was absolutely sure, that this is exactly right way for introducing the life in Finland.

My blog includes two parts. The first part is the study and business part. It’s intended for the professional purposes and for the study purposes. So for the subjects in the school. And second part shows my one semester in Finland. The trips, activities, events, traveling, exploring new places, cultures, tradition, and languages.

The blog is connected with the social media. In my case with Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Here you can find more information about me. For introducing me in professional and studying way is Linkedin, here is my online CV.  I will share also some photos from Finlad on this blog. You can see the beauty of the country from my point of view.

And now I can say, that my stay here is same as this country. Sometimes very rough, but still beautiful.



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