Pixlr.com & social media

On the Nina’s lessons we discussed the remaining terms from the last lesson. There are all in the discuss board. I was talking about my thema too. This day we also started to talk about the social media and social media advertising and almost about the social media strategy. When company or the one person want to sell something so must have the one big vission/mission and the clear and simply idea how it all do. There are the main questions for creating social media strategy:


To whom?

When you want to create the page on social media, you must decide, who is your target group. Is this product for younger or older people? Is it for women or men? When you know your target group you must empathize and have idea what about are these people thinking. Like they this style of website or maybe another?


The next question is why we do new social media strategy. Why? Do we need more customers? Do we need more customers? New campaign? Do we want to inrtoduce the new product? Or do we only need to keep regular customers?


What we want to prove? We must decide what is your goal and what exactly we want to present on our social media. If we want to present our company or more our products or what we want to do with your social media.


Trough this question we want to find out the way how to propagate our WHAT. How we want to do it? What is your strategy and how we want to present? In which way?


This is the last important question about social media strategy. How ofen do we want to present your products? How ofen do we want to post on social media? Should be there the informations every week? or every day? Or do we just want to provide the basic informations about us?

Through these questions we analyzed the Facebook the one selected company. My team criticized Budweiser Budvar. We choise this company because me and my clasmates are from Czech Republic and this company is also czech. Our final evaluation was more negative than positive.  The main finding was that the this Facebook site looks more like a presentation of parties and events than the propagation of the company and product. This page should be more professional with pictures of products and less parties and events photos.

Bez názvuBez názvuuu

On Petteri’s lesson we learned how to work with the website pixlr.com and how to use it for creating and covering photos and pictures. We worked with layer and we spoke about the sharing pictures and photos and how we should quote the photos and which type of person’s photos we can not share because of the rights. There is my picture created on pxlr.com. Both of those photos took I in Kuopio.

First and second photos before:



Picture from pixlr.com:



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