Wordpress.com & digital marketing trends

This article contains the two weeks of Digital marketing communication project lessons. All the subjects from DMCP would  I like to describe with the form of my learning diary from my point of view. First two weeks were about introduction this subject and about working with WordPress.com. This is the reason, why the first two weeks are both in one article. The DMCP has two parts. One is with Petteri and second one is with Nina. Every next article of learning diary will be about two lessons, that’s one week.


My first lesson was with Petteri. The main task was to learn how to create account on WordPress.com and how to work with this website. We can use the WordPress as a blog. And on this blog we will present our own learning diary. With learning diary I have never met before. It was the big new for me. We don’t ofen use something like WordPress.com for personal life in Czech Republic. I must honestly say that I very appreciate the way of learning and teaching in this course. We must every new think repeat, when we create learning diary and there we have a space for creating our own ideas, new informations and there is also chance to express own opinion. We don’t have to learn by heart everything and we can use the new things in the practice.

On my firt lesson I created my own WordPress.com account and website. We learned the working with menu, pages, posting, how to do graphic design of the website on WordPress.com. I have never use the WordPress.com before. So the first working with it was a little bit difficult for me and I had to learn and find everything. Sometimes it was confusing. But I learned to work with it very quickly and know I must say that using the WordPress.com is very easy, clear and very useful. Next week with Petteri we learn how to have a good digital footprint and what is it. We watched video about posting photos and about footprint. It was very intersting for me. Now I know, how is important to be careful about these things in business life.

We learned how to extend the own website with connecting with another social media accounts. For example Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. It improves your footprint! But be careful about what you post. I had the account on LinkedIn before but now I create my account in english. And with social media like a LinkedIn am I absolutely satisfied. What was also new for me is the account on the website ABOUT ME. It’s very useful, when you want to introduce yourself in short but clear way. And with this account you can connect your social media accounts too! And about me is also possible to place on WordPress.com in the sidebar.

I had also two lessons with Nina. On the first lesson we discussed the requierements and the objectives and we were informed about the digital marketing project. We got the know the basic terms of digital marketing and we also read some articles. My article was about Netflix. About the one of the vission/mission this company. Netflix would like to gain the customers by sharing the one account.  The people from Netflix expect, that customers will share the accounts with family and with flatmates.  And because of this will be Netflix more famous and more people will be aware of Netflix’s serials and movies. The next task was the mind map. Mind map we did together by website mindmeister.com. I have never knew this website before but it’s very helpful. We can share all the ideas, thoughts. This mind map was about the terms of digital marketing, what digital marketing means for us.


Next lesson with Nina we discussed the new trends of digital marketing. Everybody chose one of the terms in the presentation. The task was to explain this new trend to the classmates and describe it in the discuss  board on moodle. My term was bot (video ad) fraud.

Bez názvu

There is the video about the advertising and bot fraud:


Instead of this video I found the youtube video, where is in the easy way explain what is the digital marketing. It’s very nice graphic proccesing.

These two weeks of learning about digital marketing must I evaluate as very helpful and useful for business and for personal life too. Everybody should know, how to work with digital medium and how to present information about the business and personal information online.


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