Inbound marketing & About me

This is fourth week of digital marketing and new informations about social media. Both of those lessons concerned with social media and the kinds of social media strategies.

On the lesson with Petteri there was no lecture because we had to work independently. The task was to introduce our classmates the one example of social media and explain why is this kind of social media useful for us in our business and why the company should use it.

My team choose About me. I use this kind of social media and honestly I find it very practical and easy-using. It’s the place for introduce yourself and place for the basics informations about you. You can put here a lot of links of your pages, profiles and other social media and your online CV as well. There is our work:

About me

target group: 
– everyone who needs to connect social accounts and introduces itselfwhy:
– nobody can not see your previous activities, only basic informations about youPROS:
– option to find all profiles and accounts on the one website
– easy using
– improving your footprint
– connecting with e.g. WordPress (there is a special widget)
– you can set up account through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail addressCONS:
– it is only for basic informations
– it is not so popular like Facebook, Twitter,..

What to publish:
– name, bio
– photo, location, interests
– occupations, education
– spotlight, social links

There is the example of profile on about me website. Concretely mine:
Bez názvughj
The theme of the lesson with Nina was inbound marketing. We were talking about the possibilities how to influence the customers with the assistance of emotions. With the mottos, slogans and life stories of the company we can attract more customers and refine the image of the company. When I sought the more information about the inbound marketing I found this youtube video:
We learned how to create the motto or slogan or mission/vision of the company based on the emotions. In this little story or the few sentences we must insert the main questions as WHY? HOW? WHAT? Why we do it, how we do it and what we do/want. This is the way to the successful slogan which can influence the customers.
There is one example of the picture which I found about inbound marketing. There you can see the explanation of the main differences between inbound and outbound marketing:

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