Marketing video & Inbound marketing

This week there weren’t usually lessons with lectures. The lesson with Petteri was online task, we received the task about features of good marketing video and we must to discuss it in the learning diary. With Nina there wa lecture about inbound marketing again. The main task was to find the influence of the customers emotions in the real life.

How to create a good marketing video?

The lesson with Petteri was this week cancelled so we got the homework. I tried to find a lot of inspiration in the articles on internet. And one I found out very interesting. It’s not one of the first articles on but the whole issue is there described in interesting way. So  the main question is: How to create a good marketing video?


The video advertisement is the easiest way how to influence people and customers. You can attack emotions, evoke feelings and show them more thing than with the picturesor billboard. And it’s very modern type of advertisement. But before you start with creating and shooting the current video you must decide some very important things.

Before the shooting you must exactly decide, which type of video do you want to create. If it’s short advertisement video, introducing company video, video with big influence on the customers. So at first you must choose the lenght and type of the video and all of this you must do before making script.

When you want to start write the script you must decide what you want to gain with this video. If it should be familiarity, based on emotions or if you want to introduce product or company.

What should you consider when scripting your video?

  • The reason for the creation of the video
  • The problem/need you are addressing
  • The feeling you want to evoke
  • The most important information for the viewer to take from the video
  • Who you are and how that will be conveyed

If you want to have in video important speech or introduce the motto, mission or slogan you should read it laut before. Because the written slogan or speech sounds better on the paper than in real life. Try it before!

Don’t forget that sound and colors can evoke emotions and influence feelings. When you create video you must perfectly choose the colors and sound in the backround. You can change the whole video mood just with using another music or colors!

Video is done. What now? It’s necessary to have a lot of visitor! Share your video on vimeo, youtube and all video canals and be aware of useful tags, keywords, good headline and a lot of sharing.

And all this in the short headlines means:

  • know it’s intended use 
  • focus on the story
  • read your script dramatically
  • don’t underestimate color and sound
  • seed it for visibility

Currently for me the best video advertisement it’s the video from the company SONY. It’s one of the old advertisement but with very creative and gently way they influence emotions of the followers. You want to see something so beautiful and colorful in your live again. It’s one of the most famous advertisement and my opinion is that the music in the background plays the big role in the video as well.

This the long version:

And if you are impresed as I am when you see this amazing video you can watch the making of of this advertisement. So many balls and colors are not just creation of modern technology but a lot of work.

and there is one example of the advertisement creating in the wrong way. Maybe it’s not wrong way, the goal was achieved. The emotional attack and influence the people. But there must be line and personally for me is this crossing the line.


On the lesson with Nina we discuss again the inbound marketing, the importance in the business life. On the end of the lesson we analyzed the inbound marketing and the manipulation with the emotions on the websites and social media pages of the companies, which we analyzed the lesson before. We find some examples of manipulations like the sentences in style: when you are in bad mood, there is always your beer. When you have the problem with your girlfriend, you can go to drink beer in the pub.



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