Google & inbound marketing workshop

The lesson with Petteri was cancelled this week so we had online lesson. We had to see the video lesson about Google and using google for business. How everybody know, Googl is the most using internet search. For everything. The number of the users is so huge! About 1 100 000 000 users. The second one called bing has 350 000 000. Such a big different! When you want to make your business successfull you must be seen. And the google search is the place where can everybody see you. When you want to learn how use the google in the effective way and how to be sure that you can be seen it’s to follow the steps and listen the advices from Google’s SEO starter’s guide.

Google’s SEO starter’s guide

The main task of the GSSG is to help you made your company and your business activties more visible on internet and easier to find. The firt point of the list is SEO Basics where you learn how to create page tittle and good description. The second point is about site structure. How to create clear and easy design and how to make easier orientation on websites what will help easier using. The next point is about how to work with the pictures and with the text and how to improve it. The three last points are about following, using SEO for mobile phones and using analysis. If you want to improve your website and have more followers just read GSSG!

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a tool based on commercials and key words. Currently it’s advertising programm. If you will put more and more tags and key words it will helps your business and your company will be easier to find! You will be in more and more searches. So it improves you website. If you want to be see just use this application.

Bez názvukllll.jpg

Workshop with Nina

The main task was to create the new brand and formulate the inbound marketing activities for our business. We chose the field jewelry. We compare the our company with the exist competitors and we tried to find the advantage of our business and what is unique on our products. We define our brand/store and created the slogan and mission of our company.

Our company was the store and name is Minimalistic design.


In the picture you can see the name and logo. The main idea of your design was the simplicity and creativity. Every customer can create own design of jewelry. And the style of the jewelry is the simple and geometric shape. The most important information is that this company use just high-quality materials.

The main motto is:

,,Minimize your jewelry but maximize own creativity.“

And then we created the two slogan with the stories and through these stories we want to arouse emotions in our customers.

,,Be different in simplicity”

We know that women‘s imagination is the most magnificent thing in the world and they can create the amazing things in the small details. The way how we encourage the fantasy is to give them ample space for self-expression. We create the simply and unique complements according to their wishes in high-quality.

,,Minimalism not overshadow the nature beauty”

The right way how the women could be beautiful is the nature way. We give the chance to women to underline their own beauty with the minimalisic design. We make the jewelry which doesn’t overlap the naturelness.

Bez názvufghf


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