CRM & E-mail marketing

The inbound marketing workshop with the main task to create the company was the last work with Nina. This week we had the last lesson. In the lessons we were divided in the group with the same or similar business plan or field of business. We were with the jewelry group and had little bit similar ideas. But every idea was original. It was very informative and interesting to get know how other classmates work and know their ideas. Very interesting for me was that I had the opportunity to work or discuss my business ideas with finnish students. I haven’t had so many opportunities before that. In the end of the lessons Nina introduced us the most interesting ideas for her. It was really nice and I honestly appreciate all the lessons with Nina. She is very nice, she was always to able help us and all the lessons with her were informative and useful for me.

Thank you Nina!

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The lesson with Petteri was cancellend so the topic of this week was on Moodle. There were the videos and one articlce from which we should get new information and describe this topic in learning diary. Let’s start!

CRM – Customer Relatinship Management


The CRM therefore Customer Relationship Management is kind of business strategy focus especially na relationships with customers. When you start your business you’re new. But as you go along you will get the foundation of customers. And you want to keep them as a regular customers. You must give them some benefits or let them know that you aprreciate them.

So you create team in your company which helps you to find out the good marketing strategy. The strategy how to keep your customers and have the good relationship with them. And of course how to increase the number of your customers. In this team must be professionals in the fields:

  • marketing experts
  • sales department
  • stuff for the customer support

When you have this team it’s time to create the right marketing strategy! For example special offer, discount, how to get new customers, bonus, member card, the events for the regular customers or just marketing campaign on the social media. After the marketing campaign must calculate how much was this campaign successfull and profitable. When the main reason or the point of the camaign will be discount or sale, maybe on the end it will be not so profitable and for you maybe not successfull. But remember that although this strategy cost you a lot of money you got the new customers and maybe you improve your relationships with the regular customers!

There are some points on which you should focus when you will create your CRM strategy:


Remember that CRM is very important and you must keep the good relationships with your customers! From the new marketing strategy or campaing you can get a lot of new information and make you business more successfull and profitable! Also the good strategy can help you to find your target group and you will be more able to create the good business plan.

E-mail marketing


E-mail marketing is also kind of marketing strategy and tool of the digital marketing propagation. It’s type of direct marketing. When you want to propagate the new marketing campaign, share with the customers the new information about company, new products or if you want just inform them about you and introduce yourself you can use the e-mail marketing. It’s sending e-mails and advertisements to current customers or potential customers.

There are three types of e-mail marketing:

Transactional e-mails

  • the opportunity to gain the customers – introduce or prove the e-mail relationship

Direct e-mails

  • it’s way how to communicate or send the promotional message
  • example: special offer, discount, advertisement

Mobile e-mail marketing

  • specialization on special types of e-mails for tablets and mobile phones
  • more ways to attract attention


If you want to know more basics about e-mail marketing and know some basic advices in short video watch this one. It’s very easy way how to get some tips for improving your e-mail marketing:


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