Appreciating cultural differences

This is my first article for English international communication and my opinion is, that before the writing the detailed articles about the culture experience, culture differences and my experiences with Finland, I should write about the things, which we should be aware in this international era. I read one article from the lesson, when the main task was to translate and understand it. It was very interesting for me and it’s ideal beginning of my writing.


The whole article was very impressive, but I want to just summarize the main thoughts and write about, for me personally, the most interesting or surprising things. The main thought of this article is, that the perception of the cultural differences is very important and in this time indispensable for business and international and diplomatic relations. When you will appreciate the small details and when you will show your business partners, that you know their traditions, habits and behavior, you will show them respect.

In this article there were three parts. First was about the introduction, the second was about the giving the presents and the last one was about the eating habits. In every article there are the samples of the nationalities, which are important for the business today, they are leaders and they have absolutely different culture. There are Americans, Latin, German, Japanese. The most suprising for me was the way, how I should manipulate with chopstick during the food. Maybe it was such a suprise for me because I don’t have any bigger experience with it. And what was the most important part is, how you should appreciate the business cards from Japanese people. Always read them in front of the owners and then keep them on the respectable place!

stažený soubor



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