Digital marketing project for Ergorest

This last article of my learning diary is summary of the working on the marketing project. Our marketing project was little bit special in that, that we didn’t create something new, something what you can see or read. Our main task was the gain the content for the websites and do research for the company and found something what is popular in the environment of the ergonomics and wellbeing in offices. At first we found the articles about ergonomics and issues and diseases in the office environment. We had to find some blogs, vlogs, articles and websites where is this topic. Some recommedations and reviews. Assess the situation of the websites in this topic, what is modern, what most people discuss right now. That was the first research.


The second part was about social media, hashtags, wellbeing topic and website. What is modern on social media, which hashtags is most used. This big part we split in different topics. I researched socia media regarding the pictures. It means Instagram, Pinterest and I looked at the websites of Ergorest.

At first I tried to find the most common hashtags on the Instagram. The very used hashtag is #ergonomics. For this hashtag there are more than 12 000 photos. Uncredible! When I checked almost of the most visited pictures I found other hashtags like a #ergonomicsdesign, #betterworkingconditions, #healthy, #health, #comfort, #officecomfort, #ergo, #healthandsafety, #sittingdisease, #wellbeing and also #painprevention. Nowadays is very modern to care about healthy and wellbeing. Ergonomics on Instagram is not so much connected with wellness but more with wellbeing and health prevention. Of course it’s also about comfort and design of the offices. But the unpleasant suprise for me was, that Ergorest has no Instagram account and for the hashtag #Ergorest there were just 6 pictures. Not so much!

Almost of the pictures on Pinterest about ergonomics topic are the cartoon pictures with the position how is healthy and good to stay or sit in the work. The frequent hashtag is #posture e.g.The positively surprise for me was that I found not small number of the pictures when I get search Ergorest. These pictures put on the Pinterest the companies, or just people or ergo company. But I can not find the Ergorest account on Pinterest. Maybe next step could be Ergorest on social media Pinterest!


After this I checked the websites. Design for me is ethetic. For one member from my team it’s so much agressive and not so friendly because of the red color. The using of the website is clear and easy but there was one thing was really unacceptable for me. That there is nowhere the direct link from websites to other social media.


After finnishing the project followed the final presentation in front of the teachers, Outi-Maaria and Petteri and in front of Teemu from Huhu, what is marketing company which gave us the work. We, especially me, were very nervous and presented as the first. I presentation we missed one slide, what was annoying and akward. And my fault, because I was team manager and I was responsible for this presentation. But after presentation I was pleasantly suprised that Teemu was satisfied and the company Ergorest too. Then we listened other presentations of projects and some were very nice. The most impressive for me was project of Mathilde about outdoor sport and activities. And she obviously won!

This project was one big experience for me and I’m very thankful for this. I tried to organize the team and communicate in english with the teachers and man from company, we did many researches, we did something for real company! I was really satisfied with this project and very glad that I had the opportunity to do this kind of the work. On the end I want to say thanks to Outi-Maaria as us supervisor and Petteri. Thank you for all your lessons, help, for all this course. Honestly I can say that this course was my favourite this semester and when I will have a opportunity I will do it again. Thank you very much for everything!


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