Digital marketing project start & KICK OFF

This week we hod no more lectures with Nina and Petteri. Just one lesson with Petteri where he explained us all the requierements and the main idea of making project and plan. He showed us the divided people to the groups and which project it’s ours. I’m working with my classmate and flatmate Juliette, so I have already known her. It was no new for me. And the third girl is called Bettina, I met her for my first time. But the big plus is that we are all from the the other countries. I’m from Czech Republic, Juliette is from France and Bettina from Germany. Very international group. And we get the company called Ergorest. Now I want to introduce you our project company:

There is like the website of Ergorest look like:


The Ergorest is relatively old company with the stron history and tradition. It was established in 1978 in Finland and is a pioneer and innovator of forearm supports designed for use in computer, office and industrial applications. There are the basics information about the company from their own website.

  • Over 35 years of scientific research and product development anchored in a knowledge of the human body have ensured that Ergorest is known worldwide for its high-quality products
  • Ergorest’s mission is to create ever better and more productive working conditions, helping employers in their work and preventing serious work-related illnesses
  • We know that good work ergonomics is an investment that will always pay itself back – See more at:

There you can see some main products from this company:

330-Series – Support and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment

330000 (1)

350-Series – Keep your mouse hand fit for work


331-Series – Support and reach for demanding situations


ESD 338 / ESD 339 – with electrostatic discharge protection 


This week our project mentor Outi-Maaria arranged for us the meeting with the manager from the marketing company called Huhu. Ergorest is the customer of this marketing company and our project is for the company Huhu. Me, Juliette and Bettina and our mentor Outi-Maarie met this manager at Tuesday. We discussed what is the important on this project and with what we should start. Honestly I was little bit confused what exactly we should do for this company because I didn’t hear the current wish or task or the main goal of this project. But the task for next week sounded to do research and find all the information about the ergonimics and about company Ergorest on internet. Find the discussion, blogs, vlogs, everything about it and got the new information.

This week we had the KICK OFF too. It was the lesson where were all the teacher mentos. Petteri, Nina, Outi-Maaria and they wanted to see our presentations about the companies and main ideas and plans for the project. It was very short and quick introduction and me, Juliette and Bettina we did it woth the powerpoint presentation.


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