A magical land Lapland

Yesterday it was four months of living here in Finland.  Now I have just one month left here and I created the bucket list, the list of the things and activties what I want to do before leaving. And now I realized that the end of this great semester is really close and I repeated all my trips and experience from this amazing time in my mind.  And what was the biggest and most amazing experience for me? Probably the trip to Lapland. The winter nature in this part of country is so amazing, almost magical. I saw at first time in my live reindeers, I drove the dogsled, tried the snowshoes. There were so many activties in this week.




But especially for me the most Finnish experience was, when I finnished sauna, which was situated next to the frozen lake, I saw the small wooden cottages and over my head the amazing and big aurora! It was something what I will remember for my whole life. It was so plastic, moving, so green! I had the chance to see aurora in Kuopio also, but it wasn’t so magical experience as in Lapland. It was not so possible to take a photo of it. And my opinion is, that no photos can show, how amazing this natural wonder is.

And what was also the big and very cold and winter experience? The swimming in the artic ocean after sauna in Norway! The Finnish nature is absolutely amazing and perfect, but I miss here just one thing. Mountains! And I really enjoyed them in Norway.




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