AISTI – A cultural kiss


Aisti – A cultural kiss was non-profit multicultural event with food, music, fashion, dance. The main task was to apprise the erasmus students, students and everyone with the enriching culture of many countries, with the different types of the food, music, dance. The program was at first the tasting the food from different countries and try something new. After food & drink there was the show part of this event. At first there was fashion show, dancing, and then the performance of the each students. There are so many people with the amazing talent. Singers, piano player, guitar player, historical dance. The program was very enriching. But the most beautiful thing on this event was, that all of this was the hard work of the students. It was perfect example of people, especially students , what they can do, when they have great ideas, they are not affraid to start something difficult. There were many students with many amazing ideas and together it was one special project. It’s different from my point of view, because I saw the whole event from the beginning and I could see the people working and do possible and also inpossible for this special event. Because I was the part of the people who were working on it. In the Czech Republic I also work like a make-up artist and hairstylist so I helped with the fashion show. And now I’m so thankful for this impressive multicultural experience!




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