The Spanish contact lesson

After the break without the english lessons we had the opportunity to have the lesson with the visiting teacher. It was teacher from Spain. I was in Spain for many times, almost of my visits were on holidays, when I was child and it was with my family. Almost of these visits were of the same place. The typical family vacation at sea. But I was two times in Barcelona and I really love the Spanish temperament, the warm weather, amazing Spanish quitar music, beautiful cities, the architecture from Antonio Gaudí. I don’t remember so much about the Spanish people,because I was still child, but the visits of Spain were benefit for me on this lesson.


After the introduction and small talk on the beginning we started the topic stereotypes. Especially national stereotypes. We had the time to think about the stereotypes of Finnish people and about the stereotypes of Spanish people. We chose two types of stereotypes: negative and positive. After creating this we dicussed it with the Finnish students, if the stereotypes are really true and the same we did with the Spanish teacher about the Spanish stereotypes. The results were really interesting.

After this the teacher showed us the video, how the people react to their own national stereotypes. It’s nice to know it and sometimes this video could be really funny. I absolutely recommend to watch:


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