Northern love

Now, in the last article and in the almost end of ERASMUS I should summarize and comment the whole visit of Finland. Before I came in Finland, when I was home, thinking how it will be Finland, I promised myself that when I will be here, I will do everything what is really typical Finnish. Now I can honestly tell, that I did almost everything, what I wanted. I tried smoke sauna, jumping in the frozen lake, typical Finnish sauna, snowmobiles, driving the dogsled, I saw the aurora, I was here when the temperature was -35°C, I saw a lot of snow and I saw the nice almost summer weather. I saw reindeers, I discovered beautiful places in Finnish forest during winter time and also in the spring time. Absolutely different forest. I saw amazing Finnish late sunsets and amazing night not full of darkness anymore.


I had the opportunity to spend time with the Finnish people and discover Finnish nature and Finnish cities. I remember my beginning of Erasmus. I had the big problem with acclimation and it was here so much cold for me and  the weather was sometimes very depressive. I missed my family, I didn’t have so much friends on the beginning and I felt alone. Now it’s absolutely opposite. I fell in love with Finland, with this northern country, I love Finnish nature, Finnish winter and spring also. My opinion is that this country is not for short vacation. You can’t know all the beauties of this amazing land in few weeks. But if you stay longer time, Finland is like a love which will catch you and never let you go. It will be your love for the whole life. So after 5 months spent here I’m absolutely sure that I will come. And before it I want to discover other northern countries. But still. I will miss you Finland!



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