One day in Koli

On last Saturday we were with the student organisation KISA in the National park Koli. We just paid for the bus and the park was free. It was around 60 students. When we arrived in the park we had two options. The first one was just follow the whole group of students or split and then go in own way. Me and my friends we just left the main group and we prefered walking and seeing the national park in smaller group. It was more easy, there was less people and more calm. One of my friends had a map and he chose the perfect way for the visit of the park. We visited almost all the tops of the hills in the park and we had very nice views. It’s amazing see all the lakes with the small islands, dense forest and a lot of shades of the green on the leafs. For me it was the view of the typical Finnish nature and very nice day in the last month of the being in Finland.



Actutally I was really suprised that the weather and conditions and the whole nature environment have changed so quickly and so radically. I still remember the time when everything was aboslutely white, under the big layer of the snow. The trees were without leaves and at 4 pm. it was almost darkness. Now, when I can write this post on the balcony, almost at 7 pm. and sit, feel the sun and see the green trees is it for me almost unbelievable, that this radical change was so fast. This whole semester was for me like 2 months, not like almost 5. Maybe it’s because I tried to enjoy every day and every day I did something, so I didn’t have time to think about the time.


In this picture you can see two photos. Both of them I took on the same place. There is just one big difference. TIME. The picture on the left side I took on 18th January. The picture on the right side is from 4th May. And I really can’t decide, which season is more impressive and which one I love more.


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