Northern love

Now, in the last article and in the almost end of ERASMUS I should summarize and comment the whole visit of Finland. Before I came in Finland, when I was home, thinking how it will be Finland, I promised myself that when I will be here, I will do everything what is really typical Finnish. Now I can honestly tell, that I did almost everything, what I wanted. I tried smoke sauna, jumping in the frozen lake, typical Finnish sauna, snowmobiles, driving the dogsled, I saw the aurora, I was here when the temperature was -35°C, I saw a lot of snow and I saw the nice almost summer weather. I saw reindeers, I discovered beautiful places in Finnish forest during winter time and also in the spring time. Absolutely different forest. I saw amazing Finnish late sunsets and amazing night not full of darkness anymore.


I had the opportunity to spend time with the Finnish people and discover Finnish nature and Finnish cities. I remember my beginning of Erasmus. I had the big problem with acclimation and it was here so much cold for me and  the weather was sometimes very depressive. I missed my family, I didn’t have so much friends on the beginning and I felt alone. Now it’s absolutely opposite. I fell in love with Finland, with this northern country, I love Finnish nature, Finnish winter and spring also. My opinion is that this country is not for short vacation. You can’t know all the beauties of this amazing land in few weeks. But if you stay longer time, Finland is like a love which will catch you and never let you go. It will be your love for the whole life. So after 5 months spent here I’m absolutely sure that I will come. And before it I want to discover other northern countries. But still. I will miss you Finland!



The Spanish contact lesson

After the break without the english lessons we had the opportunity to have the lesson with the visiting teacher. It was teacher from Spain. I was in Spain for many times, almost of my visits were on holidays, when I was child and it was with my family. Almost of these visits were of the same place. The typical family vacation at sea. But I was two times in Barcelona and I really love the Spanish temperament, the warm weather, amazing Spanish quitar music, beautiful cities, the architecture from Antonio Gaudí. I don’t remember so much about the Spanish people,because I was still child, but the visits of Spain were benefit for me on this lesson.


After the introduction and small talk on the beginning we started the topic stereotypes. Especially national stereotypes. We had the time to think about the stereotypes of Finnish people and about the stereotypes of Spanish people. We chose two types of stereotypes: negative and positive. After creating this we dicussed it with the Finnish students, if the stereotypes are really true and the same we did with the Spanish teacher about the Spanish stereotypes. The results were really interesting.

After this the teacher showed us the video, how the people react to their own national stereotypes. It’s nice to know it and sometimes this video could be really funny. I absolutely recommend to watch:

Meeting Finnish etiquette

The second post of my learning diary will be also about the article from the lesson. It was about the Finnish etiquette and about the business meetings with Finnish counterparts. When I look on the facts about the Finnish etiquette just terms of the rules, it’s very similar to the Czech etiquette. I think that basics of the business habits are very similar in  the whole Europe. But the Finnish counterpart’s expectations and preferences perfectly portray the Finnish nature.

stažený soubor (1)

The Finnish counterparts and Finnish people also are very punctual and factual. They appreciate straightforward conversations, no subterfuges and dishonest conduct. They are really frank and sometimes it could look like it’s behind the line of tact. They are always in time and they respect deadlines. What is for me very new is, that on every occassion or event there is served tea or coffee or another drink. In the Czech Republic it’s common just on the business meetings but not on the other events. All qualities which they have, like a honest attitude and being in time, they appreciate in others also. On the beginning of the business meeting is not common to have small talks before the negotiation. They are straight and want to discuss business matters. I have already known before that Finnish people didn’t prefer the close physical contact and they prefer their own intim space, but was the big suprise that the hand-kissing is rare. For the women from the other countries is it like from the old movie, such a beautiful thing!


Start writing a blog

I would like to welcome you on my blog with this post. At first I would like to clarify the reason, why I started write the blog on The first reason was, that I have to do it in some subjects in the school. But I have to say, that I was thinking about the foundation of the blog before the arrival in Finland. How can you read in ,,About me” I’m the czech student, who is participating the ERASMUS program in Finland. I was thinking about the blog as about the way, how I can show my family, my friends, the living and studying in Finland. And after working with wordpress in the school and at home I was absolutely sure, that this is exactly right way for introducing the life in Finland.

My blog includes two parts. The first part is the study and business part. It’s intended for the professional purposes and for the study purposes. So for the subjects in the school. And second part shows my one semester in Finland. The trips, activities, events, traveling, exploring new places, cultures, tradition, and languages.

The blog is connected with the social media. In my case with Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Here you can find more information about me. For introducing me in professional and studying way is Linkedin, here is my online CV.  I will share also some photos from Finlad on this blog. You can see the beauty of the country from my point of view.

And now I can say, that my stay here is same as this country. Sometimes very rough, but still beautiful.