Meeting Finnish etiquette

The second post of my learning diary will be also about the article from the lesson. It was about the Finnish etiquette and about the business meetings with Finnish counterparts. When I look on the facts about the Finnish etiquette just terms of the rules, it’s very similar to the Czech etiquette. I think that basics of the business habits are very similar in  the whole Europe. But the Finnish counterpart’s expectations and preferences perfectly portray the Finnish nature.

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The Finnish counterparts and Finnish people also are very punctual and factual. They appreciate straightforward conversations, no subterfuges and dishonest conduct. They are really frank and sometimes it could look like it’s behind the line of tact. They are always in time and they respect deadlines. What is for me very new is, that on every occassion or event there is served tea or coffee or another drink. In the Czech Republic it’s common just on the business meetings but not on the other events. All qualities which they have, like a honest attitude and being in time, they appreciate in others also. On the beginning of the business meeting is not common to have small talks before the negotiation. They are straight and want to discuss business matters. I have already known before that Finnish people didn’t prefer the close physical contact and they prefer their own intim space, but was the big suprise that the hand-kissing is rare. For the women from the other countries is it like from the old movie, such a beautiful thing!



Appreciating cultural differences

This is my first article for English international communication and my opinion is, that before the writing the detailed articles about the culture experience, culture differences and my experiences with Finland, I should write about the things, which we should be aware in this international era. I read one article from the lesson, when the main task was to translate and understand it. It was very interesting for me and it’s ideal beginning of my writing.


The whole article was very impressive, but I want to just summarize the main thoughts and write about, for me personally, the most interesting or surprising things. The main thought of this article is, that the perception of the cultural differences is very important and in this time indispensable for business and international and diplomatic relations. When you will appreciate the small details and when you will show your business partners, that you know their traditions, habits and behavior, you will show them respect.

In this article there were three parts. First was about the introduction, the second was about the giving the presents and the last one was about the eating habits. In every article there are the samples of the nationalities, which are important for the business today, they are leaders and they have absolutely different culture. There are Americans, Latin, German, Japanese. The most suprising for me was the way, how I should manipulate with chopstick during the food. Maybe it was such a suprise for me because I don’t have any bigger experience with it. And what was the most important part is, how you should appreciate the business cards from Japanese people. Always read them in front of the owners and then keep them on the respectable place!

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Digital marketing project for Ergorest

This last article of my learning diary is summary of the working on the marketing project. Our marketing project was little bit special in that, that we didn’t create something new, something what you can see or read. Our main task was the gain the content for the websites and do research for the company and found something what is popular in the environment of the ergonomics and wellbeing in offices. At first we found the articles about ergonomics and issues and diseases in the office environment. We had to find some blogs, vlogs, articles and websites where is this topic. Some recommedations and reviews. Assess the situation of the websites in this topic, what is modern, what most people discuss right now. That was the first research.


The second part was about social media, hashtags, wellbeing topic and website. What is modern on social media, which hashtags is most used. This big part we split in different topics. I researched socia media regarding the pictures. It means Instagram, Pinterest and I looked at the websites of Ergorest.

At first I tried to find the most common hashtags on the Instagram. The very used hashtag is #ergonomics. For this hashtag there are more than 12 000 photos. Uncredible! When I checked almost of the most visited pictures I found other hashtags like a #ergonomicsdesign, #betterworkingconditions, #healthy, #health, #comfort, #officecomfort, #ergo, #healthandsafety, #sittingdisease, #wellbeing and also #painprevention. Nowadays is very modern to care about healthy and wellbeing. Ergonomics on Instagram is not so much connected with wellness but more with wellbeing and health prevention. Of course it’s also about comfort and design of the offices. But the unpleasant suprise for me was, that Ergorest has no Instagram account and for the hashtag #Ergorest there were just 6 pictures. Not so much!

Almost of the pictures on Pinterest about ergonomics topic are the cartoon pictures with the position how is healthy and good to stay or sit in the work. The frequent hashtag is #posture e.g.The positively surprise for me was that I found not small number of the pictures when I get search Ergorest. These pictures put on the Pinterest the companies, or just people or ergo company. But I can not find the Ergorest account on Pinterest. Maybe next step could be Ergorest on social media Pinterest!


After this I checked the websites. Design for me is ethetic. For one member from my team it’s so much agressive and not so friendly because of the red color. The using of the website is clear and easy but there was one thing was really unacceptable for me. That there is nowhere the direct link from websites to other social media.


After finnishing the project followed the final presentation in front of the teachers, Outi-Maaria and Petteri and in front of Teemu from Huhu, what is marketing company which gave us the work. We, especially me, were very nervous and presented as the first. I presentation we missed one slide, what was annoying and akward. And my fault, because I was team manager and I was responsible for this presentation. But after presentation I was pleasantly suprised that Teemu was satisfied and the company Ergorest too. Then we listened other presentations of projects and some were very nice. The most impressive for me was project of Mathilde about outdoor sport and activities. And she obviously won!

This project was one big experience for me and I’m very thankful for this. I tried to organize the team and communicate in english with the teachers and man from company, we did many researches, we did something for real company! I was really satisfied with this project and very glad that I had the opportunity to do this kind of the work. On the end I want to say thanks to Outi-Maaria as us supervisor and Petteri. Thank you for all your lessons, help, for all this course. Honestly I can say that this course was my favourite this semester and when I will have a opportunity I will do it again. Thank you very much for everything!

Digital marketing project start & KICK OFF

This week we hod no more lectures with Nina and Petteri. Just one lesson with Petteri where he explained us all the requierements and the main idea of making project and plan. He showed us the divided people to the groups and which project it’s ours. I’m working with my classmate and flatmate Juliette, so I have already known her. It was no new for me. And the third girl is called Bettina, I met her for my first time. But the big plus is that we are all from the the other countries. I’m from Czech Republic, Juliette is from France and Bettina from Germany. Very international group. And we get the company called Ergorest. Now I want to introduce you our project company:

There is like the website of Ergorest look like:


The Ergorest is relatively old company with the stron history and tradition. It was established in 1978 in Finland and is a pioneer and innovator of forearm supports designed for use in computer, office and industrial applications. There are the basics information about the company from their own website.

  • Over 35 years of scientific research and product development anchored in a knowledge of the human body have ensured that Ergorest is known worldwide for its high-quality products
  • Ergorest’s mission is to create ever better and more productive working conditions, helping employers in their work and preventing serious work-related illnesses
  • We know that good work ergonomics is an investment that will always pay itself back – See more at:

There you can see some main products from this company:

330-Series – Support and ergonomics for all work involving display screen equipment

330000 (1)

350-Series – Keep your mouse hand fit for work


331-Series – Support and reach for demanding situations


ESD 338 / ESD 339 – with electrostatic discharge protection 


This week our project mentor Outi-Maaria arranged for us the meeting with the manager from the marketing company called Huhu. Ergorest is the customer of this marketing company and our project is for the company Huhu. Me, Juliette and Bettina and our mentor Outi-Maarie met this manager at Tuesday. We discussed what is the important on this project and with what we should start. Honestly I was little bit confused what exactly we should do for this company because I didn’t hear the current wish or task or the main goal of this project. But the task for next week sounded to do research and find all the information about the ergonimics and about company Ergorest on internet. Find the discussion, blogs, vlogs, everything about it and got the new information.

This week we had the KICK OFF too. It was the lesson where were all the teacher mentos. Petteri, Nina, Outi-Maaria and they wanted to see our presentations about the companies and main ideas and plans for the project. It was very short and quick introduction and me, Juliette and Bettina we did it woth the powerpoint presentation.

CRM & E-mail marketing

The inbound marketing workshop with the main task to create the company was the last work with Nina. This week we had the last lesson. In the lessons we were divided in the group with the same or similar business plan or field of business. We were with the jewelry group and had little bit similar ideas. But every idea was original. It was very informative and interesting to get know how other classmates work and know their ideas. Very interesting for me was that I had the opportunity to work or discuss my business ideas with finnish students. I haven’t had so many opportunities before that. In the end of the lessons Nina introduced us the most interesting ideas for her. It was really nice and I honestly appreciate all the lessons with Nina. She is very nice, she was always to able help us and all the lessons with her were informative and useful for me.

Thank you Nina!

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The lesson with Petteri was cancellend so the topic of this week was on Moodle. There were the videos and one articlce from which we should get new information and describe this topic in learning diary. Let’s start!

CRM – Customer Relatinship Management


The CRM therefore Customer Relationship Management is kind of business strategy focus especially na relationships with customers. When you start your business you’re new. But as you go along you will get the foundation of customers. And you want to keep them as a regular customers. You must give them some benefits or let them know that you aprreciate them.

So you create team in your company which helps you to find out the good marketing strategy. The strategy how to keep your customers and have the good relationship with them. And of course how to increase the number of your customers. In this team must be professionals in the fields:

  • marketing experts
  • sales department
  • stuff for the customer support

When you have this team it’s time to create the right marketing strategy! For example special offer, discount, how to get new customers, bonus, member card, the events for the regular customers or just marketing campaign on the social media. After the marketing campaign must calculate how much was this campaign successfull and profitable. When the main reason or the point of the camaign will be discount or sale, maybe on the end it will be not so profitable and for you maybe not successfull. But remember that although this strategy cost you a lot of money you got the new customers and maybe you improve your relationships with the regular customers!

There are some points on which you should focus when you will create your CRM strategy:


Remember that CRM is very important and you must keep the good relationships with your customers! From the new marketing strategy or campaing you can get a lot of new information and make you business more successfull and profitable! Also the good strategy can help you to find your target group and you will be more able to create the good business plan.

E-mail marketing


E-mail marketing is also kind of marketing strategy and tool of the digital marketing propagation. It’s type of direct marketing. When you want to propagate the new marketing campaign, share with the customers the new information about company, new products or if you want just inform them about you and introduce yourself you can use the e-mail marketing. It’s sending e-mails and advertisements to current customers or potential customers.

There are three types of e-mail marketing:

Transactional e-mails

  • the opportunity to gain the customers – introduce or prove the e-mail relationship

Direct e-mails

  • it’s way how to communicate or send the promotional message
  • example: special offer, discount, advertisement

Mobile e-mail marketing

  • specialization on special types of e-mails for tablets and mobile phones
  • more ways to attract attention


If you want to know more basics about e-mail marketing and know some basic advices in short video watch this one. It’s very easy way how to get some tips for improving your e-mail marketing:

Google & inbound marketing workshop

The lesson with Petteri was cancelled this week so we had online lesson. We had to see the video lesson about Google and using google for business. How everybody know, Googl is the most using internet search. For everything. The number of the users is so huge! About 1 100 000 000 users. The second one called bing has 350 000 000. Such a big different! When you want to make your business successfull you must be seen. And the google search is the place where can everybody see you. When you want to learn how use the google in the effective way and how to be sure that you can be seen it’s to follow the steps and listen the advices from Google’s SEO starter’s guide.

Google’s SEO starter’s guide

The main task of the GSSG is to help you made your company and your business activties more visible on internet and easier to find. The firt point of the list is SEO Basics where you learn how to create page tittle and good description. The second point is about site structure. How to create clear and easy design and how to make easier orientation on websites what will help easier using. The next point is about how to work with the pictures and with the text and how to improve it. The three last points are about following, using SEO for mobile phones and using analysis. If you want to improve your website and have more followers just read GSSG!

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a tool based on commercials and key words. Currently it’s advertising programm. If you will put more and more tags and key words it will helps your business and your company will be easier to find! You will be in more and more searches. So it improves you website. If you want to be see just use this application.

Bez názvukllll.jpg

Workshop with Nina

The main task was to create the new brand and formulate the inbound marketing activities for our business. We chose the field jewelry. We compare the our company with the exist competitors and we tried to find the advantage of our business and what is unique on our products. We define our brand/store and created the slogan and mission of our company.

Our company was the store and name is Minimalistic design.


In the picture you can see the name and logo. The main idea of your design was the simplicity and creativity. Every customer can create own design of jewelry. And the style of the jewelry is the simple and geometric shape. The most important information is that this company use just high-quality materials.

The main motto is:

,,Minimize your jewelry but maximize own creativity.“

And then we created the two slogan with the stories and through these stories we want to arouse emotions in our customers.

,,Be different in simplicity”

We know that women‘s imagination is the most magnificent thing in the world and they can create the amazing things in the small details. The way how we encourage the fantasy is to give them ample space for self-expression. We create the simply and unique complements according to their wishes in high-quality.

,,Minimalism not overshadow the nature beauty”

The right way how the women could be beautiful is the nature way. We give the chance to women to underline their own beauty with the minimalisic design. We make the jewelry which doesn’t overlap the naturelness.

Bez názvufghf

Marketing video & Inbound marketing

This week there weren’t usually lessons with lectures. The lesson with Petteri was online task, we received the task about features of good marketing video and we must to discuss it in the learning diary. With Nina there wa lecture about inbound marketing again. The main task was to find the influence of the customers emotions in the real life.

How to create a good marketing video?

The lesson with Petteri was this week cancelled so we got the homework. I tried to find a lot of inspiration in the articles on internet. And one I found out very interesting. It’s not one of the first articles on but the whole issue is there described in interesting way. So  the main question is: How to create a good marketing video?


The video advertisement is the easiest way how to influence people and customers. You can attack emotions, evoke feelings and show them more thing than with the picturesor billboard. And it’s very modern type of advertisement. But before you start with creating and shooting the current video you must decide some very important things.

Before the shooting you must exactly decide, which type of video do you want to create. If it’s short advertisement video, introducing company video, video with big influence on the customers. So at first you must choose the lenght and type of the video and all of this you must do before making script.

When you want to start write the script you must decide what you want to gain with this video. If it should be familiarity, based on emotions or if you want to introduce product or company.

What should you consider when scripting your video?

  • The reason for the creation of the video
  • The problem/need you are addressing
  • The feeling you want to evoke
  • The most important information for the viewer to take from the video
  • Who you are and how that will be conveyed

If you want to have in video important speech or introduce the motto, mission or slogan you should read it laut before. Because the written slogan or speech sounds better on the paper than in real life. Try it before!

Don’t forget that sound and colors can evoke emotions and influence feelings. When you create video you must perfectly choose the colors and sound in the backround. You can change the whole video mood just with using another music or colors!

Video is done. What now? It’s necessary to have a lot of visitor! Share your video on vimeo, youtube and all video canals and be aware of useful tags, keywords, good headline and a lot of sharing.

And all this in the short headlines means:

  • know it’s intended use 
  • focus on the story
  • read your script dramatically
  • don’t underestimate color and sound
  • seed it for visibility

Currently for me the best video advertisement it’s the video from the company SONY. It’s one of the old advertisement but with very creative and gently way they influence emotions of the followers. You want to see something so beautiful and colorful in your live again. It’s one of the most famous advertisement and my opinion is that the music in the background plays the big role in the video as well.

This the long version:

And if you are impresed as I am when you see this amazing video you can watch the making of of this advertisement. So many balls and colors are not just creation of modern technology but a lot of work.

and there is one example of the advertisement creating in the wrong way. Maybe it’s not wrong way, the goal was achieved. The emotional attack and influence the people. But there must be line and personally for me is this crossing the line.


On the lesson with Nina we discuss again the inbound marketing, the importance in the business life. On the end of the lesson we analyzed the inbound marketing and the manipulation with the emotions on the websites and social media pages of the companies, which we analyzed the lesson before. We find some examples of manipulations like the sentences in style: when you are in bad mood, there is always your beer. When you have the problem with your girlfriend, you can go to drink beer in the pub.