Adventure in Tallin

Me and some of me friends decided to visit Estonia, concretely capital city Tallin. We took the bus to Helsinky and then ferry to Tallin. It was really long and tiresome way, but it was worth it. Tallin is very amazing city. Especially for me, it’s something between Czech Republic and Finland. Some small, historical and old streets recalled me Prague. I was also one day in Riga. I think that on Riga you can see more Russian influence, while on Tallin you can see Finnish influence. The small hide pubs, historical center, medieval restaurants, everything is very nice.


We had the opportunity to visit the city with guide. Every weekend at the noon in front of information center there is a tour guide, student, and the ticket is free. So you can just follow him and listen the talking about the capitol city Tallin. I listened this girl and I heard some speaking Tallin inhabitants too and I must say, that I think, that it’s true that Estonians are really sarcastic and they like dark type of humor. In the Czech Republic we are sarcastic too, especially me, so this style of humor I really like and I don’t have a problem with it. Another no cultural or historical experience for me was visiting the restaurant Kompressor. My mum, my grandmum, and honestly also me, we do really tasty pancakes. But in this restaurant I have had the best pancakes ever in my life. When you will visit Tallin, it’s absolutely mandatory to visit this restaurant!


And what else instead of the good food? I visited the KUMU – Art museum of Estonia. If you are insterested in the contemporary art, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Especially when you will see the exposition of the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda.





Russian experience

With the school course Russian business environment we had the opportunity to visit Russia. This course was one intensive week in Kuopio at school and the second intensive week of the learning was in St. Petersburg in Russia. Honestly I didn’t expect that the trip to Russia will be so beautiful and so nice experience for me. This trip has everything what perfect trip should have. We have learned something new, there was a lot of free time for seeing the whole city, enough time for entertainment, there was also cultural part of the trip and spending the good time with the friends. We have learned some interesting informations about Russian business from Russian businessmen point of view. Very enriching and interesting informations about hotel management and the concept of Sokos hotel in Russia. Then we had a lot of good meals. Honestly I think that almost of my photos from this week are photos of food. We lived in very beautiful, exclusive and modern hotel, and the bed, which was there I still miss. We saw cultural show with typical Russian dance and singing. Unfortunately this programm was not allowed to take on video or take the photos. But it was very nice sample of the Russian culture. The trip was very nice also because of the group composition and very nice and helpful teachers. On the beginning I was little bit skeptical about this trip, because as an inhabitant of the postcomunist country I didn’t have really nice feelings about Russia. But suprisingly I perfectly enjoeyd this time. And this week we finnished in the typical Russian restaurant with the typical soup borsch. So big thanks to Savonia university that gave us this big opportunity!