Meeting Finnish etiquette

The second post of my learning diary will be also about the article from the lesson. It was about the Finnish etiquette and about the business meetings with Finnish counterparts. When I look on the facts about the Finnish etiquette just terms of the rules, it’s very similar to the Czech etiquette. I think that basics of the business habits are very similar in  the whole Europe. But the Finnish counterpart’s expectations and preferences perfectly portray the Finnish nature.

stažený soubor (1)

The Finnish counterparts and Finnish people also are very punctual and factual. They appreciate straightforward conversations, no subterfuges and dishonest conduct. They are really frank and sometimes it could look like it’s behind the line of tact. They are always in time and they respect deadlines. What is for me very new is, that on every occassion or event there is served tea or coffee or another drink. In the Czech Republic it’s common just on the business meetings but not on the other events. All qualities which they have, like a honest attitude and being in time, they appreciate in others also. On the beginning of the business meeting is not common to have small talks before the negotiation. They are straight and want to discuss business matters. I have already known before that Finnish people didn’t prefer the close physical contact and they prefer their own intim space, but was the big suprise that the hand-kissing is rare. For the women from the other countries is it like from the old movie, such a beautiful thing!